I am a Care Professional

Care professionals (doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, social workers, etc) work with individuals and families impacted by dementia. Learn about care practices and psychosocial interventions in dementia care that promotes overall well-being of persons living with dementia and their caregivers.


Dementia Care Training for Care Professionals


Behavioural & Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD)


Tips to Improve the Shower and Bath Experience


Nutrition & Hydration Needs for Persons Living with Dementia


Museum Activities for Persons Living with Dementia


Reminiscence Arts

Why Do Behavioural Changes Happen?

Tips for Communicating with Persons Living with Dementia

Person-Centred Care in Dementia

Swallowing Difficulties and Soft Diets


Reminiscence Activities for Persons with Dementia


Reminiscence in Dementia Care

Palliative Care

How Effective are Dementia Medications

Person-Centred Care Planning in Dementia

Improving Eating Environment & Appetite

Doll Therapy & Dementia

Psychosocial Interventions in Dementia Care

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy

Creative Dance

Namaste Care Programme

Participatory Arts

Tools for Dementia Practice and Research

Encouraging My Client to Accept Their Condition

Additional Resources for Other Behaviour Changes

Managing Wandering Behaviour

Managing Sundowning

Mealtime Behaviours

Managing Agitation & Aggression

Helping a Person with Dementia Who Lives Alone

Dementia Progression & Behaviour Changes

Apply CAUSEd to Understand Behaviour Changes

The Needs of Informal Caregivers

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