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24 October 2022 • Agency for Integrated Care

Dear Partners, “Connect2Collab” – the inaugural Dementia-Friendly Singapore e-Newsletter is finally ready! This is part of AIC’s efforts to empower partners through bite-sized resources to keep updated on happenings, innovations and connect with other like-minded friends in the dementia community.

We hope that you enjoy reading about the features and be inspired to introduce similar or new dementia-friendly initiatives in your community/organisation.  Together, we can build Singapore as a caring and dementia-friendly nation!

– Ms See Yen Theng, Deputy Chief, Caregiving and Community Mental Health Division, AIC

The Youth Hope intergenerational toolkit provides a step-by-step guide to starting the Youth Hope programme, which aims to foster intergenerational bonding between youth and seniors. The toolkit also outlines the steps to implementing Youth Hope in the community and how individuals and community partners can play a part to engage youth to support seniors and persons living with dementia.

This manual serves as a reference for employees of organisations in manning the dementia Go-To Points (GTP) to support persons living with dementia in the community. It dovetails the GTP set-up process, role and expectations as well as provides a list of resources in assisting wandering persons living with dementia and dementia information.

Specially designed toolkit to empower individuals in setting up a Caregiver Support Network that emphasises self-care, peer support and recognising caregivers’ well-being in the community.