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Launch of DementiaHub.SG

DementiaHub.SG was officially launched on 21 September 2021 to great success and a wonderful reception by the media. The launch was covered by all four language newspapers (The Straits Times, Lianhe Zaobao, Berita Harian, Tamil Murasu), as well as major television channels (Ch 5, CNA, Ch 8, Suria), radio stations (CNA938, Power 98 FM, 88.3 [...]
I joined Dementia Alliance International (DAI) in August 2019 after I heard about Kate Swaffer from my discussion with Ruth Wong, ADA’s Voices for Hope Programme Manager. It is inspiring and motivating to know a global organisation meant for and run by people living with dementia. I would say that it is the best testimony [...]

Finding My Way Home

As dementia becomes more prevalent in Singapore, ADA has been steadfast in its belief, supporting those impacted by the condition. With the launch of dementia-inclusive initiatives, ADA hopes to enable seniors and persons living with dementia to continue to age-in-place, live and thrive in their familiar areas. Our work at Kebun Baru is one such initiative, where [...]
Living with neurodegenerative disorders like dementia does not mean individuals suddenly lose their functional capacity and work skills upon diagnosis. Unless it is rapidly progressive dementia, many of us continue to live well for a very long time if we do our part to stay physically fit, mentally active, socially engaged, and eat well. However, [...]

Dementia: A Poem

A burden to the family Which can be big or small “A faded away easily” “A not there at all” Are we to feel the guilt Of such a stigma and myth Is fading away really built Into our setback forthwith Are we really decaying away Sliding down the slippery slope Into some unknown oblivion [...]
We are delighted to have Madam Rohani Bte Rahmat, care partner to her husband living with dementia, give her closing address at the #ADI2020 Global Conference. She shared her journey as a care partner who experienced initial denial and embarrassment of this condition, but subsequently grew to accept it through community support and our Voices [...]
We are proud of Ms Emily Ong, dementia advocate in Singapore give her poignant thoughts as someone living with dementia at the recent #ADI2020 Global Conference. Read her speech as she shares about her diagnosis and her hopes for normalcy despite her condition. I am Emily Ong, a dementia advocate, co-facilitator of ADA (Singapore) Voices [...]
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