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I Became Dad’s Caregiver at 29

Daniel, at age 29, became a caregiver to his dad who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and to his mum who had breast cancer.

Living with Dementia – Voices of Asia

Living with Dementia Voice of Asia

“Living with Dementia – Voices of Asia” is an anthology of real-life accounts penned by persons living with dementia and care partners across 13 countries in Asia. This eBook project is led dementia advocate, Emily Ong.  

A Dance to Remember

National Arts Council, Decadance Co and Dementia Singapore, use dance and movement therapy to improve the well-being of seniors with dementia.

Constructing a Dementia-friendly Home

There is an increase in the number of caregivers who modify their homes just to help their loved ones living with dementia to get on with their daily activities.

Dusk of a Person Living with Dementia

Known to him as Uncle John, Richard Ashworth was fostered 46 years ago. Richard has been taking care of Uncle John who was diagnosed with colorectal cancer 22 years ago, and was diagnosed with dementia 10 years later.

Living with Dementia in Singapore

Dr Chen Shiling, Resident Physician in the Geriatrics Department at Khoo Teck Puat, shares about challenges those with Young Onset Dementia face, and how we can better support them.

Facing Dementia: Beyond Medicine. Episode 4

In this episode, CNA meets professionals from two different camps: Scientists who try to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, and those who believe that social therapy is a better approach to manage people living with dementia.

Young-onset Dementia on the Rise

Young-onset Dementia

As Singapore’s population ages, there is a worrying increase of people under 65 years of age being diagnosed with dementia. CNA reports.

Voices For Hope Toolkit

Voices for Hope Toolkit - Dementia Singapore

Voices for Hope is a 10-week empowerment programme for Persons Living with Dementia and Care Partners by Dementia Singapore. The programme was introduced and piloted in 2019, to equip participants with relevant skills, and foster confidence to actively share their stories, needs and views publicly. Based on activities conducted and learnings drawn from running 10 cohorts of the Voices for Hope programme, the toolkit is intended to serve as a practical resource and guide for organisations serving persons living with mild-stage dementia who may be considering to launch similar employment programme.

Clear Calendar for Persons Living with Dementia (Oct – Dec 2023)

This calendar was created as a tool to help persons living with dementia keep track of important tasks including activities of daily living, taking medication and appointments, thereby empowering them to orientate themselves to the date/day of the week and other special occasions, maintain independence in self-care roles. This calendar is meant to be printed in colour so it has a familiar look similar to traditional tear-away calendars. It is relatively simple to assemble at home. Watch the video for a step-by-step guide on how to assemble the calendar.

Elderly & Dementia-Inclusive Environment

Elderly & Dementia-Inclusive Environment

This book offers guidance to designing an elderly- and dementia-inclusive physical environment. It aims to offer a starting point for supportive, innovative and sustainable design; especially in the context of the Housing and Development Board (HDB) flat/ apartment where most Singaporeans reside in and in which most elderly and persons with dementia are living with their families.

#DespiteDementia: The Power of Love

DespiteDementia: The Power of Love

“Whatever will be, will be, and you don’t have to worry about it because life goes on no matter what happens.”
Just months after her husband was diagnosed with fourth-stage cancer, Katherine and her family were crushed to learn about her dementia diagnosis.

#DespiteDementia: The Power of Courage

#DespiteDementia: The Power of Courage

“Whatever life throws at me, I will keep on fighting.”
When Anjang Rosli was diagnosed with young-onset dementia at only 50 years old, he and his wife Sarima were heartbroken.

#DespiteDementia: The Power of Family

#DespiteDementia: The Power of Family

“I live my life with dignity and pride, despite dementia.”
Peter Lim has been diagnosed with dementia for a decade, but he does not allow this condition to define him.

Case Scenarios on Managing Behaviours of Concern

Case Scenarios of Managing Behaviours of Concern

A resource for case workers supporting clients with mental health needs and their caregivers. Booklet comprises 11 sample case scenarios which aims to provide suggestions on how community partners better manage cases with dementia behaviours of concern in the community.

Making Public Transport Journeys Dementia-Friendly

Ageing Urbanism - Making Public Transport Journeys Dementia-Friendly

Resource from the Lee Kwan Yew Centre of Innovative Cities, author Xin Yang examines the role of Singapore’s major public transport providers in making the public transportation network more dementia-friendly and inclusive.

Seated Psychomotoric Exercises

This video features seated psychomotoricfun exercises that will work on your loved one’s hand & bilateral coordination

Care.Cook.Inspire Cookbook

This cookbook offers recipes by caregivers that are simple, tasty, healthy & suitable for various medical conditions

JADe Digital Kit (Wedding)

The theme for this toolkit is Weddings. It comes with guiding questions, images, activities, & instructions

JADe Digital Kit (Heritage)

The theme for this toolkit is Heritage. It comes with guiding questions, images, activities, & instructions

JADe Digital Kit (Cooking)

The theme for this toolkit is Cooking. It comes with guiding questions, images, activities, & instructions

JADe Digital Kit (Games)

The theme for this toolkit is Old School Games. It comes with guiding questions, images, activities, & instructions

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