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DespiteDementia: The Power of Love

#DespiteDementia: The Power of Love

“Whatever will be, will be, and you don’t have to worry about it because life goes on no matter what happens.”
Just months after her husband was diagnosed with fourth-stage cancer, Katherine and her family were crushed to learn about her dementia diagnosis. A few years later, her husband passed away and the family had to grapple with grief and loss for a long time. For daughters Belinda and Babara, choosing to overcome the blows, pick up the pieces, and dedicate their lives to care for their mother was an easy decision. Dubbed Katherine’s “angels” on Earth, Belinda and Babara’s caregiving goal is to simply bring joy to mother’s life in all they do. Together, they continue to live life to the fullest while tackling the challenges of dementia head-on. Such is The Power of Love.

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