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Dementia-Inclusive Business Toolkit


Be a Dementia-Inclusive Business

In a significant step towards building a dementia-inclusive society, Dementia Singapore has launched Singapore’s first toolkit for businesses, offering a dementia-inclusive three-stage framework that can be easily integrated into their business practices.



At this stage, businesses are just becoming aware of dementia as an issue they need to address. There is an interest to learn more about dementia.



As businesses take action to become dementia-friendly, they ensure the physical facilities and infrastructure of their stores are adjusted to the needs of customers with dementia. Employees are also trained to support and handle the needs of customers with dementia.



To become dementia-inclusive, businesses take steps to support not only customers, but also employees impacted by dementia. This includes hiring and retaining employees with dementia, and providing support to employees who are carers to persons with dementia. A truly inclusive business leaves no one behind.

The “Business Toolkit for a Dementia-Inclusive Singapore” contains a checklist, helping you to fulfil each stage as your business progresses to become dementia-inclusive.

The toolkit also includes personal experiences from persons living with dementia and their carers to help companies better understand their challenges. It also contains case studies of other organisations both locally and overseas that have successfully transitioned to become dementia-friendly and inclusive.

This toolkit is just as applicable to an individual as a 1,000 strong organisation. You can make a difference by starting a dementia-inclusive business initiative within a department and inspire others and the organisation to do the same.

Download the Business Toolkit now!

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