Dementia in Film

There has been a steady increase in the number of films on dementia and its profound impact on the person living with it as well as their loved ones. While

Talking to Children about Dementia

A family member’s dementia impacts the entire family, including children. Parents might wish to shield young children from the reality of their loved one’s condition, but it is best to

What is Young-Onset Dementia?

Young-onset dementia refers to any type of dementia that develops in persons below the age of 65. Symptoms of dementia may present themselves differently in a younger person, as compared

Learn About Dementia via E-Learning

Through this online course, you will get to learn the following and receive a certificate upon completion of the evaluation form and module. What is Dementia, its types, and risk

Different Types of Dementia

Dementia is not a single disease but a collection of symptoms. There are different kinds of dementia that occur caused by different changes in the brain.Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)Alzhemer’s disease is

Is It Dementia or Other Conditions?

Some conditions share symptoms with dementia. Here is a comparison between dementia, mild cognitive impairment, depression, and delirium: Dementia & Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) Dementia and mild cognitive impairment are

Debunking Myths About Dementia

There are many myths surrounding dementia. Here are some common myths that have often exacerbated the stigma of dementia and perpetuated negative stereotypes about the condition. Misconception: Dementia is a

What Is Dementia?

Dementia is a collection of different symptoms characterised by a progressive worsening of memory and intellect (cognitive abilities), orientation, or personality, that is caused by the diseases that affect the

9 Differences Between Normal Ageing & Dementia

Forgetfulness is not the only warning sign of dementia. Instead, it might be a result of normal ageing and not dementia. Learn how dementia is different from normal ageing. As

Dementia Signs & Symptoms

Although symptoms of dementia vary between individuals, there are some common warning signs. “When you see a person living with dementia, you have seen just one.” Every person living with

How Dementia Changes The Brain

Knowing how dementia changes the brain, which affects dementia symptoms, helps us to understand why persons living with dementia behave the way they do. The human brain is an organ

How The Brain Works

Dementia can affect the entire brain. Learn how the brain works and understand how changes in specific brain regions can affect the ways dementia symptoms manifest. Overview of the Brain

Benefits of Getting a Dementia Diagnosis

Have you or your loved one been living with memory loss for some time? Have you been concerned about whether you or your loved one has dementia? A diagnosis may

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