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Facing Dementia

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Facing Dementia: What the Future Holds. Episode 5

The number of people at risk of dementia is projected to rise dramatically in Singapore. CNA looks at Singapore’s unique landscape and steps needed to build a more dementia-friendly society.


Facing Dementia: Beyond Medicine. Episode 4

In this episode, CNA meets professionals from two different camps: Scientists who try to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, and those who believe that social therapy is a better approach to manage people living with dementia.


Facing Dementia: Caregivers and Loved Ones. Episode 3

Caring for people with dementia can be daunting. In this final episode, CNA meets caregivers from different backgrounds and find out how dementia has changed their lives.


Facing Dementia: The Long Road Ahead. Episode 2

More people under 60 are being diagnosed with early-onset dementia. CNA looks at how they face specific challenges in their daily lives in this episode.


Facing Dementia: Do I Have Dementia? Episode 1

CNA meets people who suspect their minds are not working as well as they should be. Is this a tell-tale sign of dementia? Let us find out.

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