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Voices for Hope Toolkit - Dementia Singapore

Voices For Hope Toolkit

Voices for Hope is a 10-week empowerment programme for Persons Living with Dementia and Care Partners by Dementia Singapore. The programme was introduced and piloted in 2019, to equip participants with relevant skills, and foster confidence to actively share their stories, needs and views publicly. Based on activities conducted and learnings drawn from running 10 cohorts of the Voices for Hope programme, the toolkit is intended to serve as a practical resource and guide for organisations serving persons living with mild-stage dementia who may be considering to launch similar employment programme.

EDIS (Experience Dementia in Singapore) Facilitator’s Notes

This guide is meant to aid trainers, educators or care professionals in facilitating a group session using the EDIS (Experience Dementia in Singapore) Web-based videos.

Elderly & Dementia-Inclusive Environment

Elderly & Dementia-Inclusive Environment

This book offers guidance to designing an elderly- and dementia-inclusive physical environment. It aims to offer a starting point for supportive, innovative and sustainable design; especially in the context of the Housing and Development Board (HDB) flat/ apartment where most Singaporeans reside in and in which most elderly and persons with dementia are living with their families.

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Case Scenarios on Managing Behaviours of Concern

A resource for case workers supporting clients with mental health needs and their caregivers. Booklet comprises 11 sample case scenarios which aims to provide suggestions on how community partners better manage cases with dementia behaviours of concern in the community.

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Dementia Colabs (Executive Summary): Towards a dementia-inclusive Singapore

This is an executive summary that distils key points from the full Dementia Colabs report

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Dementia Colabs (Full Report): Towards a dementia-inclusive Singapore

This report highlights the key points from Dementia Colabs discussions & ways to create a dementia-inclusive Singapore

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Caregiver Support Network Toolkit

A step-by-step guide to empower community partners & individuals to implement effective caregiver support network

Who Cares Toolkit

This book offers deep insight into the highs and lows of being a caregiver, and suggestions to best support them

Financial Schemes: A Guide to Eldercare Subsidies

This resource offers a list of financial schemes available to reduce the financial burden of those impacted by dementia

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Advanced Care Planning: My Care Wishes Workbook

This workbook is designed to help you make these advanced care plans & share them with your loved ones

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Advanced Care Planning: Planning for my Care

This resource breaks down what advanced care planning is & the steps you need to take when going about it

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Symposium on Young-onset Dementia

Kate was shocked when she was diagnosed with Young-onset Dementia at age 49. Almost a decade later, she broke grounds by becoming the first person with dementia to give a keynote speech at the United Nations World Health Organisation.

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Living with Dementia in Singapore

Dr Chen Shiling, Resident Physician in the Geriatrics Department at Khoo Teck Puat, shares about challenges those with Young Onset Dementia face, and how we can better support them.

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Early Diagnosis, Intervention and Management in Young-onset Dementia

Ms Eveline Silva, Senior Psychologist at the National Neuroscience Institute, shares about the challenges faced by those with Young-onset Dementia.

Reminiscence Arts for Dementia (Care Professional) Training

Find out how the JADe programme can help conduct effective reminiscence activities for persons with dementia.

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Person-Centred Care – Perspectives on Well-Being by Persons Living with Dementia and Their Caregivers

Person-centred care can improve the care quality and well-being of persons living with dementia. Hear from dementia advocates Thomas Ong and Alison Lim as they share their thoughts on what well-being means to them.

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Person-Centred Care from a Management Perspective

Learn about the importance of person-centred care and how it has benefitted care staff and clients/residents in dementia care settings such as day care centres and nursing homes.

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An Introduction to Person-Centred Care

Learn about the concept of person-centred care, and find out how you can apply it daily when caring for a person living with dementia.

Series AIC_Tips to Managing Resistant Clients More from this series

Tips for Engaging Resistant Clients

Case scenarios for mental health and dementia care professionals to help manage and engage with resistant clients.

Series Tips to manage de-escalation More from this series

Tips for Conflict De-escalation

Case scenarios for mental health and dementia care professionals to help manage and de-escalate conflicts with clients.

Interview With Mdm Hasnah (Club HEAL)

This video highlights the ways in which the CREST team from Club Heal supports Mdm Hasnah in her caregiving journey

Queenstown Caregivers Connect

This video showcases how caregiver support networks promote self-care, build friendships & empower caregivers

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Implementing an Effective Caregiver Support Network

This video aims to guide community & care partners in setting up Caregiver Support Networks in their own community


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