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Living with Dementia: A Resource Kit for Caregivers

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Source: Agency for Integrated Care This series consists of 4 booklets to help caregivers understand what dementia is & provide care for their loved ones

AIC Directory Listing of Dementia Support and Services

Directory Listing of Dementia Support and Services

Download the listing for helplines and support and services such as Community Outreach Teams, Community Intervention Teams, respite care services and caregiver support groups.


Living with Dementia: Providing Care

Provides tips on how to effectively communicate with a loved one and how to design a daily routine with engaging activities.


Living with Dementia: Planning Care

Provides information on financial and legal planning, and useful tips on how to make a home more dementia-friendly.


Living with Dementia: Caring for Yourself

Provides caregivers with useful self-care tips, and know where and how to seek help within the community.


Living with Dementia: Knowing Dementia

Provides information on dementia, understanding the signs and symptoms, and how and when to seek a diagnosis.

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