Documenting Your Wishes – Planning Ahead & Organ Donation

Mdm Tinar Tan, 59, is healthy and enjoys doing something new every day by meeting new people. While living well, Tinar believes in being prepared for life’s unexpected circumstances. After speaking to her husband about her wishes for the future, Tinar decided to complete the documentation of her Advance Medical Directive (AMD) and appoint her […]

An Open Letter To Filmmakers On Portrayals Of Dementia


Dementia self-advocate Emily Ong calls for sensitivity in on-screen portrayals of dementia that affirm dignity and self-worth. The Impact of Inaccurate Portrayals of Dementia As a person living with dementia and self-advocate, I’ve often been approached to consult on content and films produced on dementia. In one such script for a short film I was […]

Dementia Through My Eyes: Undergraduates Create Art Installation on Dementia

What is the experience of dementia like? A group of students from the National University of Singapore (NUS) addressed this question by creating Somewhere In This Fog of Memory, an art installation showing what life might be like from the inside of one person’s journey through dementia. We interviewed Nicolette and Zhansen, two undergraduates from the […]

Dementia-Friendly Kindness Seats Initiative

The Dementia-Friendly Kindness Seats initiative, in at least 29 SMRT train stations from North-South Line, East-West Line and Circle Line, is part of the AIC and SMRT Train collaboration for Dementia-Friendly Singapore (DFSG) initiative. It advocates for dementia-friendly commuting, enabling persons living with dementia to have pleasant rides. The seats located at the train platforms […]

Dr Rinkoo Ghosh: Living An Empathic & Resilient Life

Being a caregiver to her dementia-conditioned mum and to her late father has brought Dr Rinkoo Ghosh on an arduous and priceless journey. She tells us how she shifted the gears from one of surviving to one of thriving. From Low Road to High Road The last time I fed my dad his meal, was […]

My Caregiving Journey

As the primary caregiver to her husband, Rodney Paglar who is living with dementia, Jacinta’s caregiving journey has been filled with ups and downs. But through it all, she continues to do her best to support Rodney in all that he does and empowers him to live his life meaningfully. Theirs is a story of […]

Janet Koh: What Care Means To Me

Caring is to always be there for my loved one. In 2010, I resigned from my full-time job as a secretary at 54 to take care of my elderly mother, Ng Sook Cheng. She was 76, and had suffered a stroke earlier that year. The stroke caused her mobility to be affected and she had […]

Launch of DementiaHub.SG

21 September 2021: The official launch of DementiaHub.SG was a great success with wonderful media reception. The launch was covered by all four language newspapers (The Straits Times, Lianhe Zaobao, Berita Harian, Tamil Murasu), as well as major television channels (Ch 5, CNA, Ch 8, Suria), radio stations (CNA938, Power 98 FM, 88.3 JIA) and […]

Person-Centred Dementia Care: Applying the AGES Model For Long-Term Learning

It’s Not Rocket Science; It’s Neuroscience! From my experience facilitating the University of Bradford course Dementia Care Mapping™ for Realizing Person-Centred Care, I have learned that success in facilitating courses always comes from solid preparation, practice, reflection, and most of all, creativity! This article aims to introduce you to the AGES model for learning, which improves […]

Nothing About Us, Without Us: My Journey as a Dementia Advocate

Emily Ong shares on her a journey as a dementia advocate, and how she has stepped up her advocacy efforts at the regional and global levels. I joined Dementia Alliance International (DAI) in August 2019 after I heard about Kate Swaffer from my discussion with Ruth Wong, ADA’s Voices for Hope Programme Manager. It is […]

Wayfinding And Dementia

As dementia becomes more prevalent in Singapore, ADA has been steadfast in its belief, supporting those impacted by the condition. With the launch of dementia-inclusive initiatives, ADA hopes to enable seniors and persons living with dementia to continue to age-in-place, live and thrive in their familiar areas. Our Wayfinding Project at Kebun Baru is one such […]

Dementia And Work Skills Give As A Chance To Remain Employed

Living with neurodegenerative disorders like dementia does not mean individuals suddenly lose their functional capacity and work skills upon diagnosis. Unless it is rapidly progressive dementia, many of us continue to live well for a very long time if we do our part to stay physically fit, mentally active, socially engaged, and eat well. However, […]


Dementia Singapore’s Voices for Hope graduate Thomas Ong shares his reflection in a poem titled “Dementia”. A burden to the family Which can be big or small “A faded away easily” “A not there at all” Are we to feel the guilt Of such a stigma and myth Is fading away really built Into our […]

Voices for Hope: Giving a Voice to Those With Dementia

We are delighted to have Madam Rohani Bte Rahmat, care partner to her husband living with dementia, give her closing address at the #ADI2020 Global Conference. She shared her journey as a care partner who experienced initial denial and embarrassment of this condition, but subsequently grew to accept it through community support and our Voices for […]

H.O.P.E: Living a Normal Life With Dementia

We are proud of Ms Emily Ong, a dementia advocate in Singapore gives her poignant thoughts as someone living with dementia at the recent #ADI2020 Global Conference. Read her speech as she shares about her diagnosis and her hopes for living a normal life with dementia. I am Emily Ong, a dementia advocate, co-facilitator of […]