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Design Principles & Audit Tools

In recent years, there has been a growing pool of dementia-inclusive design guiding principles developed by subject matter experts, intended for laypersons, caregivers, and care professionals to address and enhance


Making the Home Dementia-friendly

Persons living with dementia may face challenges navigating the physical environment, due to loss of orientation, sensory acuity, visual-spatial awareness, and mobility. Changes in their sensory system may reduce their

What Is a Dementia-Inclusive Environment?

Why Is a Dementia-Inclusive Environment Important? Researchers have predicted that the number of persons living with dementia around the globe is set to almost triple to more than 150 million

Experience Dementia in Singapore

What is in a Day of a Person Living With Dementia? Step into the shoes of persons living with dementia using the Virtual Reality (VR) application Experience Dementia in Singapore

Dementia-Friendly Neighbourhoods

This article lists some examples of neighbourhoods in Singapore, where adjustments have been made to address the needs of persons impacted by dementia. These examples feature the adaptation of different

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