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Being a caregiver to her dementia-conditioned mum and to her late father has brought Dr Rinkoo Ghosh on an arduous and priceless journey. She tells us how she shifted the gears from one of surviving to one of thriving. From Low Road to High Road The last time I fed my dad his meal, was [...]

My Caregiving Journey

As the primary caregiver to her husband, Rodney Paglar who is living with dementia, Jacinta’s caregiving journey has been filled with ups and downs. But through it all, she continues to do her best to support Rodney in all that he does and empowers him to live his life meaningfully. Theirs is a story of [...]
Caring is to always be there for my loved one. In 2010, I resigned from my full-time job as a secretary at 54 to take care of my elderly mother, Ng Sook Cheng. She was 76, and had suffered a stroke earlier that year. The stroke caused her mobility to be affected and she had [...]
We are delighted to have Madam Rohani Bte Rahmat, care partner to her husband living with dementia, give her closing address at the #ADI2020 Global Conference. She shared her journey as a care partner who experienced initial denial and embarrassment of this condition, but subsequently grew to accept it through community support and our Voices [...]
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