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Anticipatory Grief

Dementia may gradually change the personality of your loved one. Anticipatory grief occurs when someone questions whether this “stranger” who is living with dementia is the same person they know

Looking after Yourself

Always remember that part of your duty to your loved one is to take good care of yourself. Most caregivers feel that all their time, energy and care should be

Managing Grief & Loss

Dealing with loss is a part of life. It is all right to feel sad when a loved one passes on. Grief is a reaction to any form of loss.

Taking a Breather

It is good to think about caregiving as something akin to running a marathon. Like in a marathon, you will want to pace yourself, making sure that you do not

Dealing With Caregiver Stress

Here are some simple tips for stress management: Adjust Your Mindset Reframing the situation may help you manage stress. Remind yourself that you are doing something important for the person

Managing Negative Emotions

A caregiver’s role is challenging, especially if you need to balance a job, family and housework on top of caring for your loved one living with dementia. You may think

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