An Open Letter To Filmmakers On Portrayals Of Dementia

Dementia self-advocate Emily Ong calls for sensitivity in on-screen portrayals of dementia that affirm dignity and self-worth. The Impact of Inaccurate Portrayals of Dementia As a person living with dementia

Nothing About Us, Without Us: My Journey as a Dementia Advocate

Emily Ong shares on her a journey as a dementia advocate, and how she has stepped up her advocacy efforts at the regional and global levels. I joined Dementia Alliance

Dementia And Work Skills Give As A Chance To Remain Employed

Living with neurodegenerative disorders like dementia does not mean individuals suddenly lose their functional capacity and work skills upon diagnosis. Unless it is rapidly progressive dementia, many of us continue

H.O.P.E: Living a Normal Life With Dementia

We are proud of Ms Emily Ong, a dementia advocate in Singapore gives her poignant thoughts as someone living with dementia at the recent #ADI2020 Global Conference. Read her speech

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