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All About Dementia – Ask the Experts

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Source: Agency of Integrated Care, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Tsao Foundation, Dementia Singapore  Offering a holistic understanding about dementia, this series highlights various perspectives in the field of dementia.

Ask the Expert: Episode 6 – Living With Dementia (Self-Care for Caregivers)

Ms Sharon Gan, a senior counsellor, & Mr Richard Ashworth, a caregiver, answer questions about self-care for caregivers

Ask the Expert: Episode 5 – Living With Dementia (Changes in Behaviour)

Dr Ng Wai Chong answer questions related to managing the behaviour changes of person living with dementia

Ask the Expert: Episode 4 – Living With Dementia (Daily Activities)

Ms Low Mui Lang answer questions about managing the daily activities for persons with dementia

Ask the Expert: Episode 3 – Living With Dementia (Communication)

Michelle,a caregiver, & Anjang,who lives with dementia, answer questions about communicating with persons with dementia

Ask the Expert: Episode 2 – Planning Ahead Finances & Legal

Mr Yue-En Chong, from the Law Society of Singapore, answers questions related to finances & legal planning

Ask the Expert: Episode 1 – Do I Have Dementia? Where to Seek Support?

Dr Chen Shiling, a physician, & Ms Emily Ong, a dementia advocate, answer questions about dementia diagnosis & treatment

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