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Meeting Centre Support Programme

Persons with dementia and caregivers living in the community meet weekly to socialise, and to receive practical information and social support.


When to Consider Moving into a Nursing Home

This article lists the important considerations for a caregiver when deciding on moving their loved one to a nursing home, information on how to apply and other living arrangement options.


Integrating Play into Dementia Treatment Plans

Listen Min Read Dementia, a progressive neurological disorder affecting millions globally, prompts a multidimensional approach to care. While pharmaceutical interventions are prevalent, the recognition of non-pharmacological strategies is on the


Programmes and Services

Persons living with dementia and caregivers are supported by an integrated mental health network to help them live well in the community.


Communication Approaches in Dementia Care

Reality orientation, validation and reminiscence are effective methods to facilitate communication with persons living with dementia. Find out how you can use these approaches to help people living with dementia.


Person-Centred Care in Dementia

The term “person-centred care”, as a frequently-used term and a developing area,1 does not have a single agreed definition. When loosely defined, it has been used to refer to philosophies


Person-Centred Care Planning in Dementia

In this topic, the importance of developing a person-centred care plan for persons living with dementia is emphasised. This page also summarises some of the best practices for a person-centred

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