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Why Do Behavioural Changes Happen?

Listen Min Read Dementia is accompanied by behavioural changes, which affect your loved one living with dementia and all of you around him/her. Behavioural changes can be one of the

Preparing for Doctor’s Visit

Listen Min Read Being well-prepared for a doctor’s visit will be beneficial to you and your loved one living with dementia. Keep a symptom diary for your loved one A

Additional Resources for Other Behaviour Changes

Listen Min Read 1. Talking Point | CNA Insider Looking after a loved one living with dementia can be frustrating. In this episode of Talking Point, it provides you with

Managing Wandering Behaviour

Listen Min Read Many persons living with dementia feel the urge to walk about and in some cases leave their homes. Though it is sometimes termed as “wandering”, it is

Managing Sundowning

Listen Min Read What Is Sundowning? Your loved one living with dementia may display behaviour changes particularly in the evening which include agitation, aggression, confusion and restlessness. This is known

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