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Nutrition & Hydration Needs for Persons Living with Dementia

The type of food we eat will affect our health and quality of life. While there is no special diet required for persons living with dementia, the condition may bring


Brain Health and Reduction of Risks for Dementia

We are increasingly aware of the importance of brain health, which affects our physical well-being and daily functions. Having the capacity to manage ourselves well and take care of our


Swallowing Difficulties and Soft Diets

In the later stages of dementia, a person living with dementia can develop severe difficulties with swallowing. Changes in parts of the brain that control swallowing may affect and weaken


Undernutrition & Weight Loss

Undernutrition and weight loss are prevalent issues worldwide amongst persons living with dementia, often worsening as dementia progresses. 20 to 45% of persons living with dementia living in the community


Improving Eating Environment & Appetite

While it is essential to pay attention to the nutritional aspects of a meal by providing regular, healthy and balanced meals, another important aspect of meals for persons living with


Mealtime Behaviours

Persons living with dementia may sometimes refuse to eat. They may become angry, agitated, or challenging to feed during mealtimes. This can happen for a variety of reasons: Disliking the

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