Reminiscence Arts

Why Do Behavioural Changes Happen?

Making a Will

Communication & Interaction Skills

Preparing for Doctor’s Visit

Caregiving Through the Stages of Dementia

Caregiver Training Courses

Making Festive Celebrations Dementia-friendly

K.I.N.D. Gesture and C.A.R.E. Approach

Swallowing Difficulties and Soft Diets


Applying the K.I.N.D Gesture & C.A.R.E Approach

CARA: A Pioneering Membership Programme

Programmes & Services in the Community

Undernutrition & Weight Loss


Reminiscence Activities for Persons with Dementia

Living Independently with Dementia

Dementia and Driving Safety

Advance Care Planning



Tips on Taking Public Transport for Persons with Dementia

Nutrition & Hydration

Improving Eating Environment & Appetite

Financial Schemes

Financial Schemes

Assistive Devices & Technologies


Making the Home Dementia-friendly

Employment for Persons with Young-onset Dementia

Advance Medical Directive

Lasting Power of Attorney

Encouraging My Loved One to Accept Their Condition

Tips to Manage Dementia Medications

Treatments for Dementia

Recreational Activities

Physical Exercises

Managing Urinary Incontinence

Managing Constipation

Additional Resources for Other Behaviour Changes

Managing Wandering Behaviour

Managing Sundowning

Mealtime Behaviours

Managing Agitation & Aggression

Helping Your Loved One Who Lives Alone

Supporting Activities of Daily Living

Designing a Daily Routine

Sharing Caregiving Responsibilities: Gathering the Family

Dementia Progression & Behaviour Changes

Apply CAUSEd to Understand Behaviour Changes

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