How to Contribute

We welcome suggestions of ideas for articles, videos, or other media pieces you’d like to see covered on DementiaHub.SG. It’s even better if you are ready to write it!

If you would like to suggest a topic to us, or write an article with us, contact us at [email protected] with your suggested topic(s) as your email subject. If you already have an original written piece, you can send it to us for consideration, and our team will get in touch with you.

If you do not have a topic in mind but would like to write for us, you can still join us as a volunteer writer. Drop us an email!

Join us in building a dementia-inclusive community. Share your unique perspective and experience with others on DementiaHub.SG.

Other Information

Content Editing

We reserve the right to edit the content primarily to correct spelling and/or grammatical errors, and for readability. However, the writer should always endeavour that the content contributed is of high quality and error-free.

Author Bio

As a contributor, you can include a bio (up to 50 words) and a link to your website or social media handle.


Q: How much do I need to know about dementia, dementia care, or other related areas (e.g. healthcare, disability) to volunteer as a writer?

It is preferred that you have knowledge about the subject matter you are writing about.

Q: What is the commitment duration like as a volunteer writer?

We welcome writers to contribute ad-hoc articles.

Q: What is the writing process like?
  • If your writing expertise matches with a topic that we would like to generate content on, our team will reach out to you.
  • Should both you and our team decide to proceed with writing, we will discuss writing topics before both writers and our team agree on the article(s)’ topic(s).
  • As a volunteer writer, you will need to go through a volunteer orientation process.
  • During the writing process, writers and our team will continue to keep in contact for support or further discussion.
  • After writers submit to us the piece(s) they have written, our team will vet and edit them before publishing.
Q: What does DementiaHub.SG not publish?

We do not publish: advertisements, product/ service reviews, advertorials and similar promotional material.

Q: Will I be paid for my contribution?

Volunteer writers will not be paid for pieces contributed. However, you will be credited as an author.