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Mind-Body Wellness Programmes

Mind-body wellness programmes provide the opportunity for multimodal intervention for persons living with mild to moderate dementia, and aim to maintain or improve the cognitive function and overall well-being of


Museum Activities for Persons Living with Dementia

Museums serve as iconic cultural landmarks in Singapore and are considered community spaces for many art, history and science lovers in the country. This includes persons living with dementia and


Reminiscence Arts

Caring for our loved ones living with dementia often involves seeking effective ways to ensure that they live a life that is enriched and meaningful, even as their dementia progresses.


Reminiscence Activities for Persons with Dementia

Reminiscence involves the discussion of activities, experiences and events from the past and should ideally provide multi–sensory stimulation for persons living with dementia. Apart from reminiscence therapy, persons living with


Providing Namaste Care at Home

As a person living with dementia increasingly faces challenges in communication as their condition advances, what can help us to better communicate and engage them in daily activities at home?


Recreational Activities

What Are Recreational Activities? Recreational activities are activities that people participate in for leisure. These are activities that are meant to engage persons living with dementia and are not specifically


Physical Exercises

Physical exercise has positive effects on the wellbeing of persons living with dementia, whether the exercise is done for recreation or as therapy. It can be done as the main

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