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Person-Centred Dementia Care: Applying the AGES Model For Long-Term Learning

It’s Not Rocket Science; It’s Neuroscience! From my experience facilitating the University of Bradford course

Person-Centred Care in Dementia

Listen Min Read The term “person-centred care”, as a frequently-used term and a developing area,1 does not have a single agreed definition. When loosely defined, it has been used to refer

Person-Centred Care Planning in Dementia

Listen Min Read In this topic, the importance of developing a person-centred care plan for persons living with dementia is emphasised. This page also summarises some of the best practices

Apply CAUSEd to Understand Behaviour Changes

Listen Min Read The CAUSEd problem-solving tool is designed to encourage caregivers and care professionals to understand the behaviours of persons living with dementia as a form of communication with

What is Person-Centred Care?

Listen Min Read Person-centred dementia care aims to enhance the wellbeing of persons living with dementia by meeting their psychological needs, which maintains personhood. What is PCC? Person-centred care (PCC)

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