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Location-tracking Technology in Dementia Caregiving

Location-tracking technology offers a way to empower a person living with dementia to remain active in the community while caregivers monitor safety from a distance.


10 Ideas for Outdoor Monitoring

This article offers a list of outdoor monitoring solutions and alternatives that may be helpful for caregivers to explore with their loved ones.


Decommissioning of Dementia Friends App

The Agency of Integrated Care (AIC) has announced that the Dementia Friends App will be decommissioned from 31 December 2022. The Dementia Friends app was developed to empower caregivers with


CARA: A Pioneering Membership Programme

CARA replaces the existing Safe Return Card (SRC) initiative by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) used by persons living with dementia. A pioneering membership programme by Dementia Singapore

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