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Caregiver Mastery Sessions

Date: Every 4th Saturday
Time:10:30am to 12:30pm


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Get support through knowledge-sharing, dyadic engagement and self-care!

Every Fourth Saturday of the Month
Upcoming Sessions: 25 May*, 29 June, 27 July

10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Apex Harmony Lodge
10 Pasir Ris Walk, Singapore 518240

First-time participants pay $20 for the first session. If you are a returning participant, each session costs $15.

Sessions may take place via Zoom and/or in person. Zoom sessions will be recorded, but you can choose to turn off your camera.
*Please note that 25 May is a hybrid session, so participants can choose to attend via Zoom or in person.

For enquiries, please email [email protected]

Caregiver Mastery is a uniquely curated empowerment initiative for caregivers of persons with mild cognitive impairment or dementia. Caregiver Mastery aims to do this by supporting caregivers through knowledge-sharing, dyadic engagement and self-care.

Over monthly sessions, caregivers come together to share, grow and bond with themselves and others through a variety of practices such as mindfulness and creative initiatives such as art, music and nature-inspired engagements. Our sessions are designed with attention to self-care, confidence building and sense-of-self, all while providing opportunities for caregivers to journey together and receive peer support from each other. The programme hopes to support caregivers in journeying with their loved ones and embracing caregiving not as a burden, but as a gift. As our caregivers progress from empowerment to mastery, further growth opportunities are provided for them to take on co-facilitator or mentor roles; eventually building a space for caregivers, by caregivers.

The objectives of this initiative are to create a community of empowered caregivers moving toward achieving mastery through:

  • Enthusing caregivers to be actively involved in ensuring PMCIs/PWDs live well at home and in the community
  • Empowering caregivers to be capable and confident in caregiving of PMCIs/PWDs
  • Empowering caregivers to learn and bond together through their own lived and shared experiences
  • Enhancing PMCI/PWD & caregivers’ sense of self, confidence and well-being (healthy physical, mental and emotional state)

To find out more about Apex Harmony Lodge’s community care services, please watch the video below.

Dementia – A Unique Phase of Life
Source: Apex Harmony Lodge

The community care team in AHL hosted a Webinar titled Dementia – A Unique Phase of Life on 13 March 2024. The team shared about the current landscape of dementia in Singapore, challenges persons with dementia face, and the innovative ways that AHL is addressing the service gaps for PWDs and PMCIs. You can watch the full webinar on Youtube.

What do we do?

Each Caregiver Mastery is designed around different themes. Check the calendar above for details on each session.


Each session includes:

  • Self-care mindfulness practice

Set aside time to unwind and learn new therapeutic self-care and empowering strategies for mental and emotional health.

  • Opportunities for self-discovery

Explore unique, creative and engaging activities to discover the gift of caregiving.

  • Therapeutic Support Group

Bond with fellow careivers through lived and shared experiences in a safe space supported by trained staff during the session as well as online through the caregiver forum.

Who should attend?

If you are caring for someone who lives with dementia or mild cognitive impairment (MCI), you are welcome to attend the sessions.

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