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It’s Not Rocket Science; It’s Neuroscience! From my experience facilitating the University of Bradford course Dementia Care Mapping™ for Realizing Person-Centred Care, I have learned that success in facilitating courses always comes from solid preparation, practice, reflection, and most of all, creativity! This article aims to introduce you to the AGES model for learning, which [...]

Wayfinding and Dementia

As dementia becomes more prevalent in Singapore, ADA has been steadfast in its belief, supporting those impacted by the condition. With the launch of dementia-inclusive initiatives, ADA hopes to enable seniors and persons living with dementia to continue to age-in-place, live and thrive in their familiar areas.

Our work at Kebun Baru is one such initiative, where we have been actively walking the ground since 2018, increasing dementia awareness among its grassroots members and residents. In March 2019, the Wayfinding Project was initiated after a dialogue with Mr Henry Kwek, Member of Parliament for Kebun Baru Single Member Constituency. The focus group discussion was chaired by ADA and persons with dementia.

Living with neurodegenerative disorders like dementia does not mean individuals suddenly lose their functional capacity and work skills upon diagnosis. Unless it is rapidly progressive dementia, many of us continue to live well for a very long time if we do our part to stay physically fit, mentally active, socially engaged, and eat well. However, [...]
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