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Preparing for Doctor’s Visit


Being well-prepared for a doctor’s visit will be beneficial to you and your loved one living with dementia.

Keep a symptom diary for your loved one

A diary helps you keep track of signs and symptoms experienced by your loved one. Record the symptoms or behaviours exhibited – when and how they started and how frequently they happen – and use these records to communicate any concerns you may have when it comes to caring for your loved one. This will also help the doctor in keeping track and administering a more tailored treatment plan.


Maintain an appointment log of your loved one’s medical appointments

This will help you keep track of your loved one’s medical appointments, especially if they have several doctors. Get the most from a doctor’s visit by having a clear objective or by preparing questions.

Each entry into the appointment log records the discussion such as the treatment options recommended and any other notes from your doctor. This will also be helpful when caregiving arrangements are shared among family members, ensuring continuity of care for your loved one.


Plan for the actual trip to the doctor

Most public transportation officers are trained to support persons with mobility issues. Private hires like Grab Assist can also help with your loved one’s trip to the doctor. Choose the most comfortable schedule for you and your loved one, keeping the time around your scheduled trip free from appointments to ensure a comfortable travel. They may also experience stress and anxiety from being in an unfamiliar environment, so always prepare for emergencies by bringing:

• A change of clothes
• Toiletries
• Towels
• Mobility aids
• Snacks and water

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