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Inspiring Stories


In this page, you will find a few stories shared by caregivers of persons living with dementia on their caregiving journeys. While a caregiver’s role is tough, providing emotional support and physical care to a person living with dementia can be a satisfying and rewarding journey too.

Voices of Persons Living with Dementia – Our Grandfather Story

In collaboration with Our Grandfather Story, we hear from Uncle Peter and Daniel, Aunty Bee Lay and Luke, and Steven and Lai Quen on their journeys living with dementia. Watch this video to hear their voices and feel that unconditional love and support for each other.

Source: Our Grandfather Story

HOWRU – Dr Colin Chong & Joyce Chong

Read Dr Colin Chong’s & Joyce Chong’s story on their journey living with dementia. Learn how Dr Chong continues to maintain a positive outlook and look after himself throughout his caregiving journey. Dr Chong also shared how he sought support and learned from other caregivers by joining Caregiver Support Groups, and eventually contributed back to the dementia community.

Forget Us Not Videos

This pool of bite-sized videos from comes with tips and personal stories by and for caregivers on how best to support persons living with dementia. Discover real-life strategies and valuable techniques on how to deal with common concerns such as confusion, restlessness and unusual behaviour to help your loved ones lead as normal a life as possible.

More inspiring stories!

Click the following articles to read the caregiving journey and story of Molly and Mr Chua Joo Ee, caregivers of persons living with dementia.


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