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Experience Dementia in Singapore

What is in a Day of a Person Living With Dementia?

Step into the shoes of persons living with dementia using the Virtual Reality (VR) application Experience Dementia in Singapore (EDIS).

Dementia is a degenerative condition where symptoms worsen over time. By creating an enabling environment and adopting a person-centred approach in managing the condition, the lived experience of a person living with dementia can be greatly improved.

EDIS presents the following scenarios to illustrate the challenges of a person living with dementia, and suggests how you, families, and communities can support their enablement.

In a HDB Home

Experience the world through the eyes of Auntie Lucy, a person living with dementia and find out what her anxieties and frustrations are at home. While understanding her perspective, find out how the living environment and a supportive relationship helps in enabling her to be independent.

At the Day Care Centre

Aunty Alice feels bored and restless at a dementia day care centre. She finds herself often being ignored, and feels that the activities offered are not to her preference. Learn how a care professional can use a person-centred care approach to enable a person living with dementia to feel respected and have an increased sense of belonging.

Heading to the Supermarket

It can be a daunting experience for a person living with dementia to navigate an MRT station that has multiple exits. Journey with Uncle James as he tries to find his way out of a station and complete his grocery shopping at a supermarket.

To enjoy a smooth experience, you are advised to:
• Reduce the number of applications running in the background of your device; and
• Ensure you are using the latest version of your browser with a good internet connection of at least 1 Mbps.

Register here to access the EDIS 360 web application. The link to the application’s VR scenarios will be made available upon completion and submission of the registration form.

Learn how a home can be modified to create a dementia-friendly environment that is more accessible, comfortable, and safe for persons living with dementia.

This VR application was developed by Dementia Singapore, supported by The Majurity Trust, Agency for Integrated Care and Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT).

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