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Dealing With Caregiver Stress

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Here are some simple tips for you can share with caregivers regarding stress management:

Adjust The Mindset

• Reframing the situation may help one manage stress.
• Caregivers have to remind themselves that they are doing something important for the person in their care.
• Know their limits.
• Do not give in when their care recipient is too demanding.
• Live one day at a time.


Manage The Emotions

• Acknowledge the emotions and do not feel guilty about them. They are natural and very human.
• Express anger and frustration by writing down one’s feelings.
• One should allow himself/herself to cry.


Manage The Tasks Better

• Set realistic goals – remember that one may not be able to do everything like before.
• Make a list of important tasks.
• Think of ways to make the tasks easier.
• Allow some things to be left until a better time.
• When handling a difficult task, make it easier by listening to music.

Take Care of The Health

• Take short rests in-between activities or errands.
• Focus on getting relaxing sleep instead of more sleep.
• Set aside time for meditation, reflection or prayer.
• Eat a balanced diet, and find time for regular exercise.

Do Things You Enjoy

• One should make time for themself.
• One can treat themself to a massage or a facial.
• Keep in contact with friends and join in fun activities.


Do Not Shoulder Everything Alone

• Speak completely, openly and honestly to people who can understand and help.
• Join a support group or start one to share ideas and resources.
• Use respite care services that can lighten one’s caregiving load. Look for a suitable service from the AIC E-care locator.
• Talk to the doctor about the caregiving responsibilities, which are just as important as talking about the needs of the person living with dementia.

Self-Care for Caregivers

This video by the Agency for Integrated Care addresses questions such as: What are the signs of caregiver stress? I am not comfortable discussing my challenges with family and friends. Who else can I talk to? I need a break from caregiving but I feel guilty. What should I do?

Source: Agency for Integrated Care

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