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Additional Resources on Food & Diet

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Institutions and organisations around the world have developed booklets and guides to support care partners of persons living with dementia, by addressing matters related to eating, diets and nutrition. Here are some of these booklets and guides:

1. The Alzheimer’s Disease International published a report in 2014 titled Nutrition and Dementia , which investigated how a healthy diet and the right nutrition can improve the lives of persons living with dementia. The publication features:

• Dietary factors across the life course that might increase or decrease the risk of onset of dementia in later life;
• Relationship between dietary nutrients and dementia prevention;
• Recommendations on the actions to take in order to improve the nutrition of persons living with dementia; and
• The need for more research on nutrition and dementia.

2. The Alzheimer Society of Ireland developed a booklet titled Eating Well with Dementia which provides information to support family caregivers in:

• Understanding how dementia can affect a person’s appetite and experience with food;
• Meeting the nutritional needs of a person with dementia;
• Encouraging a person with dementia to enjoy and be involved in meal preparation and mealtimes; and
• Dealing with weight loss, weight gain and other issues that can emerge.

3. The Ministry of Health of Israel has also created a guide titled Eating and Living With Dignity for care professionals and family caregivers of persons with dementia. This guide provides information, tips, and recommendations addressing the following in persons with dementia, such as:

• Difficulties with eating and choosing food;
• Constipation problems;
• Changes in eating and swallowing as dementia progresses; and
• Maintaining health nutrition.

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